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Shan Kenner

Shan Kenner


Shan Kenner (pronounced Shawn) has been taking New Orleans by storm since becoming a REALTOR ® ! With honesty and great communication skills, Shan embraces his one-on-one relationships with his clients; who admire his passion, accountability, follow-up, negotiating skills and toasting with a true, new friend at the closing table.

Shan also celebrates a highly successful career as a Jazz, Classical and Flamenco Guitarist, as well as being a composer and band leader, touring and performing around the world. New Orleans still finds Shan performing at top Jazz venues. He is deeply embedded within the culture and community of our beloved city. Shan taught music, guitar lessons and composition for over 25 years and hones his patience, mentoring and ream player mentality into everything he does. Real Estate is a natural counterpart to his skills and personality.
Kenner grew up in Southern California and has previously lived in San Francisco and New York City.
* Trivia: Shan is related directly to the founding family of Kenner, LA, with the family line going back over 400 years in the US.