Written by: Aimée (Amay) Curole
Realtor –Snap Realty

35 emails
15 text messages
7 missed calls
3 new listings
6 under contract
4 closings

Inspections, inspections response, schedule pictures, upload listings to the MLS,
run comps, appraisal tomorrow, get quotes from the contractor, follow up,
prospect, call the buyer’s agent we need to save this deal….

I am sorry…..
I missed the girl’s birthday party, I was showing houses to a new buyer. We
missed the Strawberry Festival, there is always next year.
I am sorry…. I have to get this call, yes, I am listening, I have to respond to this
I am sorry…I know we are on vacation, but I have to do this for work. I am sorry, I
am sorry, I am sorry…

2AM, I didn’t call mom back, I didn’t go to the grocery that reminds me did I eat
today, what day is it, where do I have to go tomorrow, what day is the due
diligence period over, did I get the email the buyer is pre-qualified, what did the
lender say about the closings costs, did I schedule inspections, great my buyer’s
house needs a new roof…I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep…

I will do it tomorrow, I will spend quality time with my family and friends, I will
visit Mom this weekend, I will go to the grocery story, I will put my phone on
silent when we eat dinner, I will go for a walk, I will finish that book, I will update
my CRM, I will write that post, I will, I will, I will…

March 2020 the world has gone silent, stay at home, six feet away, wear a mask,
put on gloves, disinfect everything you touch, school is closed, the class of 2020
won’t walk across the stage, no prom, I can’t believe this is real! Take my
temperature at the door, wait in your car, that is a doctor’s visit or if you prefer,
we offer virtual visits. O my God, someone just sneezed on Aisle 5, what kind of
person goes to the store sick? Bourbon Street, the Las Vegas Strip, Hollywood
Blvd., Rodeo Drive, Manhattan, Disney need I say more, are all lit up with only a
few souls walking by. Alone, in a cold room, the sounds of machines keeping
them alive, families wait in anguish, they did not get to say goodbye. My heart
breaks, I am depressed, I am sad, I could stand in the middle of the highway and
scream, I miss life, I miss traffic, I miss, I miss, I miss…

My phone rang 2 times today, not one showing on my new listing, “unknown
name” I better get that it could be a new buyer, no, of course it was just that
telemarketer…I paid my student loans off 12 years ago…are you giving me a
refund? I spoke to Mom, went to the grocery store and scored toilet paper,
cooked dinner, read a book, CE is almost done, CRM is updated, took a walk as
my mind replayed memories of better days. I remember, I remember, I

Everything is so uncertain, but when was it certain to begin with? I learned to
thrive again after September 11, 2001, after Hurricane Katrina, after the 2008
recession, a new normal will appear, the market will thrive again. I reflect back
on all the times in my life, when I just wanted to breath and mourn, all those
times, I just wanted the world to just stop for a minute, so I could rebuild and heal
from so many personal struggles….sshhhh, shhhh, Is it gone? Is it over? I don’t
want to hear it anymore….

I am healthy, I am loved, I am blessed, I am humble, I am kind, I am
compassionate, and I am smart. I have adapted. I have changed. I have traded
chaos for silence. I am not consumed with work. I have time to stop, listen, enjoy
and reflect when life was so much simpler. I could never choose SILENCE before,
it all had to STOP for me to just see, what really matters. I have saved deals,
negotiated amazing deals, loss deals, laughed with them and cried with them,
made money and loss money, I have paid the price, I made the difficult call, sorry
it did not appraise, won the argument, proved my point, explained the
Zestimate, loss sleep, I didn’t realize the value of time. “Life is what happens,
when you are making other plans”, John Lennon, how true this is. I see it now, I
feel it now, I know it now, I will never forget it now, and I appreciate it now!